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Japanese-style Hotpot

Commonly known Japanese hotpots would be sukiyaki and shabu-shabu. Although both cuisines are based around thinly-sliced beef, they are cooked with completely different methods. Sukiyaki offers a rich flavour, seasoned with soy sauce and sugar, while shabu-shabu is fatty meat with a light flavour.


Soup Base (Sukiyaki)

Soup Base (Shabu Shabu)

💡Tian Tian Tips

Sukiyaki: (Up to 4 people 1 meal)

Soy Sauce: 100 ml

Mirin: 100ml

Sugar: 4 Tbsp

Shabu Shabu: (Up to 4 people 1 meal)

8 cups water sub with Dashi powder

Dashi powder: 2 Tbsp

Mirin: 2 Tbsp

Light Soy Sauce: 3 Tbsp

Meat / Premium Meat


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Recommended sides:

💡Tian Tian Tips


Beat a raw egg in a small bowl as a dipping sauce. Some people may resist the idea of the raw egg but the flavours of salty and sweetened shoyu with egg combined will truly enhance the sukiyaki experience

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