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Goody Bags Giveaway

1 - 3 March | 10am

We’re giving away a whopping total of 800 goody bags worth above £10! 
Join us early as goody bags will be spread out over 3 days. Friday we’ll start with a bang with 250 bags! Saturday we’ll top it off at 350 and Sunday will be the last day with 200 bags.
First come first served at a limited quantity, free for all customers.
Spend £25 and over to claim your goody bag.

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FREE Candy Floss

1-2 March |10am - 4pm

TianTian Rewards members can present a receipt of £10 or more and enjoy FREE candy floss!

We’re adding a sprinkle of joy to your family time while rewarding your loyalty.

Don't miss out on this fun-filled, family-friendly activity.

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Street Food Tastings

1-3 March |10am

Featuring tantalizing street food from Asia. Indulge in piping hot Takoyaki perfectly paired with authentic condiments, while sipping on refreshing Oolong tea.

Dive into the rich flavours of Taiwanese beef noodles and savour the irresistible taste of cocktail sausages.

Join us for an unforgettable experience of authentic Asian flavors, cooked right before your eyes.

Exclusive Promotions

Wembley Store Only

1 - 3 March

1 - 10 March

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